Recipe: Apple Sauce

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Apple Sauce  

This basic apple sauce is perfect for breakfast, mains and dessert. All in just 15 minutes. 



4 Cooking apples

3tbs Demerara, or brown sugar

100mls of water



1. Peel, and dice your cooking apples before adding them, and all the other ingredients to a suitably sized pot. 

2. Add the pot to a medium heat and allow it to cook for approx. 15 minutes. Stir occasionally. 

3. When you are happy with the consistency of your sauce (some like it smoother than others), remove it from the heat. This is ready to serve straight away.  



Apple sauce is best stored in the fridge - it can be added to porridge, muffins, a side for a pork dish, or you can eat it straight up! 


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