Ballybrado Organic Standard Oat Flakes

Ballybrado Organic Standard Oat Flakes

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Enjoy your Ballybrado Organic Oats in the morning as classic porridge made with milk, water, or plant-based drink. Add nuts, seeds, honey, maple syrup, seasonal fruits, or nut butter – the possibilities are endless!

Ingredients: 100% organic wholegrain standard oats

Storage: store in a cool, dry place

Packaging: 100% paper


Ballybrado Ltd. was established in 1983 as one of Ireland’s first commercial organic farms, focused on the idea of living and working in harmony with nature. It all began when Josef and Marianne Finke moved to Ireland with their family and friends in search of a greener life. What started out as the idea of self-sufficiency quickly turned into a driving force for the development of the organic movement in Ireland.