Fused Korean Style BBQ Sauce

Fused Korean Style BBQ Sauce

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Fused Korean BBQ Sauce is sweet, sticky, spicy, smoky and savoury – you will want to try it on everything!

A twist on a classic BBQ sauce with a Korean flavour thanks to the addition of naturally fermented soy sauce and miso paste. Fiona’s unique recipe also includes oak-smoked tomato sauce, smoked garlic and extra spices, taking the depth of flavour to the next level.

– What’s Else is Great About it?
As well as the delicious flavour & versatility of Fused Korean BBQ, this sauce contains no added refined sugars, additives or preservatives, is entirely vegetarian and is made from 100% natural ingredients according to Fiona’s own recipe.

– Serving Suggestions:
There really is no wrong way to enjoy it! Fiona suggests drizzling it on stir-fries, noodles, rice, eggs, sambos and salads, adding to a BBQ marinade or as a dip.