Hassetts Orange & Poppyseed Cookies

Hassetts Orange & Poppyseed Cookies

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These crisp buttered orange and poppy seed cookie is handmade using carefully selected ingredients to produce a delightful tasty treat. Satisfy your craving with these snap tastic cookies.


Michael Hassett’s passion for baking flourished in the early 80s during his time working as a trained chef in multiple cities throughout Europe. On returning to Ireland, Michael decided to pour all expertise for baking into his very own establishment and in 1984, Hassetts Bakery was born. The wholesale bakery began producing high quality confectionery using the finest local ingredients and with its influence from countries like France, Hassetts quickly stood out in the retail sector.

With promising encouragement from customers, Michael went on to open his very first shop in 1988. A few years later in 1995, he expanded and opened a second shop and cafe in the beautiful suburb of Carrigaline. Hassetts have stores in Douglas, The English Market and Carrigaline.