John West Mackerel In Sunflower Oil 125g

John West Mackerel In Sunflower Oil 125g

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Mackerel fillets in sunflower oil. Super with salad, delicious on toast. The easy-peel lid means no mess so is perfect for when you need nourishment but are short on time.


Mackerel Fillets, Sunflower Oil, Salt






John West have been bringing us quality fish since 1857, and they are as committed to the quest for the best as ever. Their products introduce natural protein into even the busiest lives: No Drain Fridge Pots let you feed the family without fuss; Easy Peel Mackerel makes can-opening a doddle; and Steam Pots are quick, easy and tasty.

Keeping true to their founder’s pioneering ways, they’ve become part of Thai Union, one of the world’s seafood leaders. Together, they are committed to driving solutions in both innovation and sustainability.