Mileeven Cut Comb in Acacia Honey

Mileeven Cut Comb in Acacia Honey

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  • A lovely light honey with a chunk of real honeycomb, cut by hand. You can eat all of the comb, it is lovely on brown bread, toast or in porridge. The bees make all of the honeycomb cells themselves and then fill them with yummy honey.
  • Weight - 340G

Mileeven was establised in 1988 by Eilis Gough as Joe, her husband, kept bees as a hobby. Stuck in traffic one evening, Eilis and Joe decided that there must be something else to do and so took up an evening course to avoid the traffic - which was beekeeping.

Starting with two hives in the back garden of their house, everything seemed normal with this hobby! Fast forward a few years and a move from Dublin to Piltown, Co Kilkenny where space was not an issue and Joe's love for bees and Irish honey at a questionable level and the two hive hobby turned into a 100 hive job and Mileeven was born.

Mileeven is run now by Eilis and Sarah, her daughter, still in Co Kilkenny and is one of the leading honey companies in Ireland.