Naturally Cordial Lemon & Lime

Naturally Cordial Lemon & Lime

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A classic combination for a reason. The sharp taste of lemons combined with the slightly bitter sour flavour of limes makes this a fresh and zesty drink. The Great Taste judges said “This light, refreshing drink delivers good lemon and lime flavours. We like the clean, citrus-y freshness. The flavours have been well balanced with the amount of sugar.”


Naturally Cordial is made from whole fruit to a traditional recipe, then pasteurised to give it a longer shelf life. Based in Co. Wexford, Ireland, the Naturally Cordial team use local fruit from their neighbours and friends, along with organic citrus fruit, to make sure all cordials are bursting with flavour.

Naturally Cordials are 100% natural, with no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or enhancers.